To return to office life or remain remote?

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Client onboarding calls are a great way to familiarise the client with your company. These calls are usually a mixture of informing them of your services and asking them their goals for using those services.

In content marketing, we have an advantage over many businesses. All we need to do our work is a laptop and a reliable internet connection. As such, we have found the last year an easier transition than many companies.

Flexible office space was always important to us.

As a company, we value the flexibility and energy that working from a coworking space affords us. Before coworking, we used to work from a rather soulless shared office space. The guy next door sold meat by telesales, and the company opposite did something dodgy sounding with insurance. The coworking space surrounds us with other creative companies and a community that helps us and brings an energy that we all enjoy.

Now that we are all considering the return to a more structured office life again, some aspects of coworking that appeal and some that give some cause for concern. In a traditional office, everyone knows each other well, the office team is fixed, and you can be sure that it's an environment you can control. The coworking space, by contrast, have new people coming and going all the time, so that comes with a slight increase in anxiety about being back in an environment with humans you don't know that well.

What remote working has meant for us as a business

Remote working has always been a part of what we do. Some of our team have always worked from home. Life flexibility and location independence is something we care about for our people.

We were well prepared for the sudden switch to webcam meetings and communication through Slack and other online tools.

The one thing that we have had to try and keep an eye on is the sudden proliferation of meeting requests for Google Hangouts, Zoom, or, god forbid, MS TEAMS. Before home working, we would often excuse ourselves from face to face client meetings with the reasoning that the investment in time and expense to travel and meet was almost always better spent on doing what we do for you online. Once almost everyone was remote working, the requests for these face to face chats transferred to requests for online video calls.

We have been strict on when we accept these things, and there is often a better way of getting the same result without online video catchup.

The one exception for that is onboarding, we value the onboarding process highly and we always insist that this is done via Google Hangouts. It forms a crucial part of our whole ethos and has done since we began.

So will we be returning to office life?

Like every question you ask a digital marketing company, the answer is 'it depends'.
We maintain the flexibility of the coworking space and extend that option for anyone in the company who wants to explore that. Some of the team have settled into permanent remote working. They're comfortable with their setup and the advantages it provides for them and their family.

Personally, I have taken the hybrid option of doing some days from home and some from the office. Typically that's been two or three days in the office and the rest of the time at home. I am the sort of person who gets locked into a project, and that tends to blur the line between home and work too much at times. The office environment allows me to set some rules and structure in which helps me.

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