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Client onboarding calls are a great way to familiarise the client with your company. These calls are usually a mixture of informing them of your services and asking them their goals for using those services.

Throughout the call, you should also make sure to ask questions about any potential concerns they might have about signing up with your company or changing providers.

Preparing for the call

Before any onboarding call, it's essential to make sure everyone has all the necessary things to run the call smoothly. There is nothing worse than having to pause a call or reschedule follow up calls because something important wasn't available to everyone now.

For our onboarding calls, we make sure we include things like: -

Is there an NDA in place to allow open discussions?

An NDA is a non-disclosure agreement. A company and a client usually sign an agreement stating that the client will not disclose sensitive, proprietary or legally damaging information.

Do we have access to everything we need?

Google Analytics (and in a way that allows us to see the organic traffic)
WordPress access in a way that will enable us to post directly

Is WordPress in a state that allows easy posting, plugins up to date?

If WordPress is not ready for simple posting it can have a significant impact on how we do what we do.

Making sure all stakeholders are represented on the call in some way

Before each onboarding call, we make sure that everyone on the client side knows why we are starting these campaigns. We ask that some thought is given to everyone that the campaign's success might impact. They should be consulted and both their hopes and their concerns for digital as a channel.

We also create a basic set of audience personas to ensure that we align on how the audience's goals are understood and what that looks like to the client.

Setting expectations

In any project, it is not uncommon for specific stakeholders to lack experience in digital marketing directly before. Therefore explaining that there is often a considerable delay between campaigns going live and achieving their full potential is just one of the many essential things to ensure that everyone understands.

Agreeing to communication cadence and formats

One of the main areas of friction between clients and agencies tends to be a lack of visibility on what work is going on at any time. It's therefore essential to make sure that everyone knows when updates will be given and that these are regular enough to make sure that nobody ever feels out of the loop.

It's also essential to make sure that as an agency, we communicate clearly what our reporting is likely to be. Often, we try to keep the reporting down to a bare minimum as this is seen as an additional cost that could be redirected into the content campaigns.

It's also important from the agency side to make sure that the client understands that sometimes meetings in between agreed updates or just hopping on a call can get in the way of us being able to do our work. Whilst there is no problem with dealing with anything urgent talking or meeting for meetings sake, everyone should try to avoid.

Lastly, there should be some consistency in how the meetings are run, perhaps having a weekly or pre-meeting agenda sent to everyone who is attending or involved and also ensuring that as many of these meetings can be done in a quick 15 to 30-minute call rather than face-to-face or with no time constraints applied.

Take time to summarise the call.

At the end of every call, rather than just signing off, time should be allocated to make sure that someone from the agency side run through a summary of all the agreed actions and, more importantly, all the agreed conclusions that have happened during the call.

By doing this, we set ourselves up for the work ahead and make sure that everyone involved has had the opportunity to ask any questions or voice any issues.

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