Quick research for your content marketing plan

Creating a robust content marketing plan always starts with researching what content you should be writing. Here we will give you a quick insight and some tips into approaching building a set of keywords that will form the basis of how we plan our content campaigns.

Why planning your keywords and titles matters

Identifying the right keywords and the titles you will write about is key to any successful content marketing campaign. If you are spending any amount of money on content marketing, it is essential to know that the aim isn't just to get your content shared. You want it to rank in search results, and this means targeting topics that people are actively searching for and will be interested in reading about.

What makes a good keyword?

Choosing the right keywords depends on many factors. These include how many people are looking for that term, how well that term can be included in a title that makes sense for your readers, and who else is trying to rent for that particular phrase. Typically, we are looking for a balance between keywords that generate enough traffic to be worthwhile but don't require a considerable amount of resources and SEO work to achieve rankings.
Another great way to go is to select highly relevant but low search volume keywords.

Define our reason to exist

To start with, we need to work out what we are all about. So I will pretend that we are looking at a content campaign for an e-commerce site that sells men's shaving products and kits in the upcoming examples.

Generally will spend some time on the onboarding call with the client
discussing what is most important for the client and ensuring that we understand what they are all about.

For a shaving products example, we might end up with several broad topic areas like this: -

Once we have those, we go to a keyword research tool called Ahrefs that will allow us to see what terms makes sense for us to write about potentially.

Using Ahrefs to find keywords

So how do we go about using Ahrefs to find the terms we want to rank for.

Let's login to Ahrefs and start our work by visiting the Keyword Explorer https://ahrefs.com/keywords-explorer

We start by taking some of the generic terms we chose during the onboarding and adding those into the keyword explorer.

In our case, we are starting with

  • Shaving
  • Men's grooming

Starting with Shaving, we can now see it's a competitive term, and probably something that we can't go after, to begin with. The great thing about Ahrefs is that we can now drill into

Terms match
These are all the terms that include our generic term.

Also rank for
These are all the terms that pages also rank for if they are already ranking for our generic term. This of these as related terms.

We then make sure that we apply our 'good keywords' criteria to filter down to terms with a reasonable volume of searches whilst not having a keyword difficulty that's too hard.

The thresholds we choose here will be directly related to how much authority your site already has and the scale of the campaign.

As we see terms that we think might be worth writing about, we will tick them and add them to a list to save them.

Next, we export this list out and add it to our 'Topic Universe' spreadsheet. You can grab a copy of that sheet here for your use free of charge.

We have some idea of the keywords we might want to go after, and we are ready for the next stage.

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