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Client onboarding calls are a great way to familiarise the client with your company. These calls are usually a mixture of informing them of your services and asking them their goals for using those services.

In the last step, we researched to find the keywords that we wanted to compete for. The next step is to determine what sort of content we need to write to complete for those keywords.

Aligning your keywords with what Google is looking to see

You will notice whenever you do some searches on Google that many of the results tend to all address the searcher's intent in similar ways. Sometimes Google will understand that the user was looking for a product, and so the majority of the results it returns in high positions will be product pages or reviews. Therefore, it is crucial for us when we are trying to get from our keyword list to a set of titles that we can then write about that we try and be mindful of what Google is expecting to see.

Categorising the SERP type

Each SERP (Search Engine Results Page) Will typically be sites addressing a similar intent. The sort of intent that we usually see relates closely to where Google has determined that the person was in a typical buying funnel.

By that, are they looking for advice and information to learn more about a particular topic, or are they now looking for comparisons between options or looking for products or solutions for a specific need?

Let's have a look at an example. One of the keywords we identified in the previous step for our fictitious e-commerce customer was "do beard rollers work".

If we open up an Incognito tab in our browser and run the search, we should see what Google is typically looking for. The reason we want to do this in an incognito browser tab is that if we did it in just the regular browser, Google is likely to tailor those results based on things that it knows about us already, and we will get search results that are biased towards sites that we've already visited or searches that were previously done.

What makes a good title?

Once we understand what type of content we will be writing because we know what Google is looking for next, we need to decide how to write the title.

Writing titles isn't just a matter of repeating the phrase that we want to rent for you need to try and make sure that we are writing something that will be of interest to our audience but also something that helps Google to rank for the term and the intent that the search results shows.

So for "do beard rollers work", we might craft a title like

"Do beard rollers work? The science and the techniques behind fuller better beards"
This matches the advice intent and hopefully tempts the user into clicking our result over other competing pages.

For "best shaving cream", we know this is more transactional so we might go for a listicle approach

"The UK's best shaving cream, 2021's best shaving creams ranked and reviewed"

Repeat this process for each of the keywords in our Topic Universe sheet and complete the list of articles we want to write.

Align the content we have planned with a schedule that makes sense.

Now we have a list of all of the titles that we want to write about; we now need to plan when we're going to write them in what order and how these pieces of content relate to each other.

Often the titles that we have come up with will fall into hay set of similar themes, so it would seem logical that we could publish these close to each other to form a sort of thematic miniseries for each theme.

We often find that the content that we are writing would benefit from being linked together, and whilst we will do this during the production phase of our campaigns, it is sometimes worthwhile making a note to remind us when we can see all of the titles together.

In general, during the onboarding meeting, we will set some idea of what the cadence is for publishing, so it's usually fairly straightforward to be able to plan when each piece of content needs to be written to make sure that there is plenty of time to have things ready for when they need to be published.

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